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How to use BankID AML

BankID AML is a flexible API, enabling direct integration into the workflow or software for customer verification that a business already utilizes.

Here are some ways to use it:

Some large companies have their own custom tools for customer verification and other processes. In such cases, the company's own developers can quickly integrate BankID AML.

Industry-specific system

In several industries, it's common to perform customer verification within an industry-specific system or software. In these cases, it's the responsibility of the system provider to integrate BankID AML to make it accessible for your business. We are here to assist in facilitating the inclusion of BankID AML into your company's system.

Some industry systems with BankID AML integration include Visena, Vitec, ECIT, og Avant IT.


For some companies that lack their own tools and don't use industry-specific systems, BankID AML can be implemented through a simple portal. This portal allows you to collect identification from the customer and gather other necessary information.

Standalone portals that incorporate BankID AML include, Verified, Signant, Saumfare og Visena.

Feel free to get in touch with us, and we will help you navigate the process further!