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Shorter queues and an end to fake IDs

Everyone with the BankID app now has valid identification on their mobile phone. With our new service, Stø Identification, you save time per customer and don't miss out on sales.

a digital ID card is scanned in the cah register

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BankID biometrics

BankID with biometrics is a fast, secure, and simple way for your business to offer login and authentications. The users are already in place - over 1.5 million users have already activated biometrics in their BankID app.

BankID with biometrics has a lower cost than regular BankID. Your company pays the same even if the end user has not activated the service.

How to get started with BankID for your company

Do you want a simpler and more digital everyday life for your business? Whether you need a high-security signing solution or secure online login for your website, the solution is BankID.

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BankID partners

Our partners can assist your company with the purchase and implementation of BankID in your channels.

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