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ID card in the BankID app

Now you can skip bringing your passport when you are showing ID at Posten or Vinmonopolet. Scan your passport in the BankID app to get an ID card on your phone.

Person on a bike logging in on their phone

The BankID app provides fast and secure login

With the BankID app, you get our best solution for electronic identification, including login with facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN.

Solve my BankID problem

Curious about the app or BankID in general? See our help pages for guides and frequently asked questions.

Avoid Fraud

If you receive a call from the police or your bank asking for your BankID codes or password, hang up immediately! This is a scam. Your bank, the police, or any legitimate entity will never request your BankID codes or password over the phone, SMS, or email.

ID Check with passport

ID Check on your phone, using passport and facial analysis, allows you to prove your identity without the need for a physical meeting. All you need is a valid passport or National ID card and a smartphone.

Download the BankID app, and you're ready to authenticate yourself with the bank. The bank typically initiates the process - and you will be guided to the right place in the online banking or mobile banking interface - whether it's a button, link, or a QR code that you scan from your mobile device.

Your BankID is only yours

Never share your BankID password or code unit with anyone.