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How to get BankID

BankID is your digital identification. You can authenticate yourself and digitally sign agreements without using a pen.

By keeping your password to yourself, no one can impersonate you. Both you and the website can be confident that your information and funds can only be accessed by you.

Contact your bank to get BankID

To get BankID, you need to visit your bank. There, you will need to present your passport, and you will receive assistance in setting up BankID - your digital identity. Your bank is also there to help you if you have any questions or encounter issues with BankID.

In most banks, you can get BankID when you are 13 years old, while some banks have a minimum age requirement of 15.

Keep your BankID safe

  • BankID is personal and represents your digital identity.
  • Never share your BankID with family or friends, and protect your password and code unit.
  • Change your password by logging into your online bank if you suspect someone may have your password.
  • Create a unique password for BankID, one that you don't use elsewhere.

Faster, Easier, Safer with the App

BankID comes in several variants: BankID with a code device, BankID with an app, and BankID on mobile. You can use the different methods interchangeably as much as you like. However, BankID on mobile will gradually be phased out, and it is no longer possible to create a new BankID on mobile.

We recommend using the latest solution, the BankID app. With the BankID app, you get even better information about what you are using BankID for. Most people also have better control over where their mobile phone is compared to their code device.

Now you can also activate faster BankID with facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN code


BankID is well-suited for individuals with reduced functional capacity and complies with the European standard for universal design (WCAG 2.0). Users do not require special solutions to use BankID, and there are no barriers preventing users with disabilities from obtaining BankID.