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What is BankID?

A person using BankID from a tablet.

BankID is a personal electronic identification method designed for secure online authentication and digital signing.

In the physical world, you identify yourself with a passport, driver's license, or bank card. In the digital realm, you can use your BankID to confirm your identity. In the physical world, you use a pen when signing a contract. In the digital world, you can utilize your BankID to electronically sign documents and messages.

By using your Norwegian national identity number, a code generated by an app or code unit and the personal password you've chosen, you can log in with BankID.


What can I use BankID for?

BankID can be used for various purposes, including logging into online banking, accessing private services, and on government websites. The same BankID can be used across the banks where you have customer relationships. With BankID, you can electronically sign documents, eliminating the need for in-person visits or physical mail. This includes applications, address changes with the postal service, placing bids on houses, signing loan applications, notarizing documents, and more.

Banks offer different types of one-time code solutions, such as a code unit that generates one-time codes or apps like BankID and NordeaID. Many people prefer solutions without a code unit. In that case, you can activate the BankID app if your bank supports it. If you have BankID from SpareBank1 or Nordea, you can use their own apps, which function similarly to the BankID app and cover the same needs.