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Get started using the app

Fast and secure logins using the BankID app.

Person logging in with BankID app on his phone

BankID on Mobile will be replaced by the BankID app, but it won't happen overnight. The service will gradually phase out, andmost users will have access to it for quite some time. The code unit will also remain.

However, all banks have now stopped new BankID on Mobile activations. So, for those who need a new SIM card due to changing their mobile device or switching operators, it's a good idea to download and activate the app before changing the SIM card. This way, you'll have the alternative ready before losing access to BankID on Mobile.

Before activating the app, remember this

Make sure your Bank supports the BankID app

The BankID app is used by nearly 100 banks in Norway. However, if you are a customer of SpareBank 1 or Nordea, you will need to download their respective code apps for BankID. These apps function in the same way as the BankID app.

Download the app

The app can be downloaded from here (requires iOS 15/Android 7 or newer). You can only have the app on one device at a time.

How to activate the app

Once the app is downloaded, it needs to be activated. This means linking your BankID to the app. You can choose to activate it with BankID on mobile or with a code unit, and in some banks, you can also activate it with codes sent via email or SMS.

How to use the BankID app

How to activate faster BankID

If you can't activate BankID with facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN by following the steps above, you should check if this feature is enabled on your phone or tablet. You can do this in the settings on your phone/tablet.

Advice to prevent fraud: Stop - Think - Verify

Currently, many people are falling victim to fake police calls claiming to help you stop fraud. Don't be fooled; the police will never ask you to provide passwords and codes over the phone. Learn more about how fraud works on the police's website and read our tips on secure BankID usage.