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Error messages

See the most common error messages for BankID and what they mean.

BankID app jailbroken or rooted

We´re sorry, something went wrong...

It seems that your mobile device does not meet the minimum security requirements to run the BankID app. Typically, this error occurs when we think that the device you’re using has been jailbroken or rooted (but it can also occur in other situations). Jailbreaking and rooting, removes safeguards from your phone which can leave your device vulnerable to fraudulent attacks.If you think this does not describe your situation, please contact customer service in the bank that issued your BankID.

BID-1439 (BankID is Blocked)

  • Meaning: Your BankID is locked, often due to entering the one-time code incorrectly multiple times.
  • Solution: Contact your bank to unblock your BankID.

BID-c167 (Mobile BankID Ceased to Function)

  • Meaning: Your BankID on mobile is no longer operational due to the phasing out of this service. Switching mobile operators or SIM cards may prevent reactivation.
  • Solution: Download the BankID app, NordeaID, or SpareBank 1's one-time code app (if applicable) for a mobile solution.

T420 (Bank Doesn't Support BankID App)

  • Meaning: If you have BankID from SpareBank 1 or Nordea, you must use your bank's dedicated app.
  • Solution: Check your BankID's issuing bank by logging in on the web. If you don't have an ordinary BankID with a password, you can order one through your online banking.

T421 (Need a New BankID Certificate)

  • Meaning: This error arises when you have an older or expired BankID certificate, preventing you from using the BankID app.
  • Solution: Contact your bank to obtain a new BankID certificate. There is a one-week waiting period after obtaining a BankID with a password before activating the BankID app.

T422 (Unable to Connect to BankID)

  • Meaning: This error suggests that your BankID may be blocked. You should contact your bank for assistance.
  • Solution: Contact your bank for guidance.

General Error Message ("Noe gikk galt. Prøv igjen senere.")

  • Meaning: This message indicates temporary issues with BankID services. Check status.bankid.no for service updates and retry later.
  • Solution: Wait and retry later. If the problem persists, contact your bank.

Communication Errors ( BID-2030, BID-2031, BID-2032, BID-2033, BID-20b0, and BID-20b1)

  • Meaning: These errors relate to communication problems, often due to slow internet or device performance.
  • Solution: Try a different browser or network.

BID-1433 (Bank's One-Time Code Service Unavailable)

  • Meaning: This error signifies that the bank's one-time code service is inaccessible.
  • Solution: Check the status of your bank's one-time code service and retry later.

BID-5000 (Communication Error Between Your Device and the Bank)

  • Meaning: This error results from communication problems between your computer and the bank.
  • Solution: Try clearing cookies/browser data or use a different browser for a new login attempt.

BID-1402 (BankID Service Error)

  • Meaning: This error indicates a problem with the BankID service. If the status on status.bankid.no is orange or red, wait until the service is operational again.
  • Solution: Retry later, or contact your bank if the issue persists.