Hopp til hovedinnhold

Activation using passport scanning

Intended for customer support. This activation method only applies for customers of banks that have an agreement on activating the BankID app using passport scanning.

Step 1 - Home page

When you open the app for the first time, you'll see this screen. Select "Get Started" to activate. If you have opened the app before, you can choose "My BankID" at the bottom and then "activate app".

Step 2 - Get started

Read the information about activating the BankID app and press "activate".

Step 3 - National Identity Number

Enter your Norwegian National Identity Number (11 digits).

Step 4 - Phone number

Enter your mobile phone number and press "next", The phone number needs to be the same as the number registered by your bank.

We use your phone number to send a confirmation code by SMS, that you will need to enter in the next step.

Step 5 - Confirm phone number

After entering your phone number, you will recieve a one-time confirmation code by SMS. Enter the six-digit code and press "next".

By entering the code, you confirm that is your phone that is being used to activate BankID.

Step 6 - Activation method

I this step you are presented with the option to activate the app via passport, or Norwegian national identity card, or alternative methods. Select "Passport or national ID card" if you are using passport scanning to activate.

Step 7 - You need a passport or ID card

The screen has changed colour, as you are now inside our ID check service. Read the information and press "I have everything."

Please note that you must have a Norwegian passport or national ID card, and it must be valid.

Step 8 - Steps in the activation process

Here you receive information about the steps you will be going through in the passport activation of the BankID app. Read the information and press "Perform ID check".

Step 9 - Choose document

Choose if you would like to use a passport or a national ID card to activate the app. Select "passport" to proceed.

Step 10 - Information about passport scanning

This screen informs that you are going to scan the page in your passport containing your picture and personal data. Press "Continue" to proceed.

Step 11 - Scan the code on the bottom of the page

Here is more information about what you should scan on the personal information page of the passport. It's the code at the bottom of the page that you need to aim the camera at for the scanning to work.

Press "continue" to proceed.

Step 12 - Scan the code in the passport

Now, the camera on your phone will scan the code in the passport. Make sure you have good lighting conditions, without too much glare from the passport, and aim the camera directly at the code at the bottom of the personal information page.

Hold your camera horizontally (sideways).

Activation will proceed automatically when the scan is completed.

Step 13 - Close the passport

Once the scanning is competed, you will be asked to close the passport. The next step is to scan a chip inside the passport.

Step 14 - Scanning information

Here you will receive more information on how to proceed with scanning the chip in the passport. Read the information and press "Continue".

Step 15 - Scan the passport's chip

Place your phone on top of the passport and wait until the scanning is completed. You may need to move the phone around slightly to establish contact. The phone will begin scanning automatically once it makes contact.

Step 16 - Facial scanning

In this step, we will scan your face using the camera on your phone. This is to verify that you are the same person as in the passport. Read the information about the procedure and press "continue."

Step 17 - Facial scan

Point the front camera/"selfie camera" towards your face and follow the instructions.

Step 18 - Scan completed

You will see this screen when the scanning is completed. Wait while the system confirms the scan. The activation will continue automatically.

Step 19 - Activate the app

When the scanning is completed, you will see this screen where the app is connecting your BankID. Wait until the connection is finished. The activation will continue automatically.

Step 20 - Activation complete!

The BankID app is active and ready for use.