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The self-service page "My BankID" has been discontinued

Learn how you can still use self-service with your BankID below.

Change Password?

You can reset or change your BankID password in most online banks. Find your bank in the list to see the procedure.

View Your BankID Certificate

To view the details of your BankID, such as when and by which bank it was issued, you can log in to your online banking.

You can also see which bank your BankID is associated with in the BankID app.

You can also click on the "shield icon" next to your name when logging in with BankID. This is in the step where you enter your password.

Suspend Your BankID

You can contact your bank to suspend your BankID.

Not sure which bank to contact?

If you're unsure which bank to contact for questions about your BankID, you can find information about your bank connection in the certificate. Use one of the methods mentioned above to view your BankID certificate.