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Advice on security

BankID is safe to use, as long as you keep your phone, code unit, BankID password and PIN to yourself.

Here are our tips on how to easily keep your BankID secure and recognize attempted fraud. If you're in doubt about something being a scam, take a moment to think and double-check before using BankID.

Secure use of BankID

  • Never disclose your BankID information to others, whether they are friends, family, the police, or the bank.
  • Scammers who contact you often play on fear and the idea that you're in a hurry. Don't let yourself be rushed; end the call and contact your bank to verify if it's a genuine situation.
  • BankID or the bank will never ask you to provide codes and passwords via email or phone.
  • Check if you have received emails from the same email address before.
  • BankID will never send SMS messages containing links. If you receive an SMS with a link from someone claiming to be BankID, it's a scam.
  • It's better to contact your bank one time too many if you suspect fraud than one time too few.
  • Use a unique password for BankID. You can use a simple and memorable sentence. Remember that you can use spaces in your BankID password; this will function as a special character.
  • Do not approve logins that you did not initiate yourself. If you see a notification without having started a login, decline with "No, it's not me."
  • If you have clicked on a link or disclosed your BankID password to someone, contact your bank as soon as possible to stop the fraud attempt.